Free Entry route

Better-Chances offers a free entry postal route for all competitions. Just like the paid method of entering the competitions, the postal method requires that you create an online account and accept our T&Cs.

Click the button below to create an account.

You will need to write your full name, date of birth, telephone number, email address, and the title of the competition you are submitting an entry for.  The information on the letter must match the information that you use to create your online account and needs to be written legibly otherwise the entry may be considered invalid.

Please send the Free Entry letter in an envelope to the following address via 1st -class post to:

5818 Stone Lane Waterville, OH 43566

Due to differing postal timings, entries enclosed in envelopes stamped with a second-class stamp will not be considered.

Only one free entry per competition, per user is valid. Once a postal entry has been processed you will get an email confirmation containing your unique ticket number.

Postal entries are treated in exactly the same way as paid entries for the purposes of determining a winner.

Please Note:

  • You will not be notified if your entry is invalid and only valid entries will appear on your online account.
  • Please ensure your free postal entry arrives before the closing dat of the selected competition.
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